Powerful Market Insights.
Powerful Investment Results.

TITAN filters through equity markets and scores investing opportunities using powerful AI technology.

Introducing TITAN

Your Investment Discovery Engine

TITAN uses proprietary AI to identify areas of market strength across all industry sectors to deliver you extraordinary investment opportunities, wherever they are hiding.

Our web-based application is a powerful tool that is simple to use. 

TITAN makes the hard work feel easy

The TITAN AI Advantage

Highlights areas of market strengths with our unique MARKET HEALTH visuals. 

Delivers actionable investment opportunities with our simple SCORING SYSTEM.

Keeps you ahead of market activity with our alert-driven PORTFOLIO MONITOR

TITAN Products

TITAN PRO For Investment Advisors

Investment advisors use TITAN PPO to improve investment performance and client communication.

TITAN LITE For Active Investors
Active investors use TITAN LITE to monitor the markets and find hidden trading opportunities.

Testimonials From TITAN Users

“I really like using Titan for sourcing investment information, such as Forward PE and Next year’s EV/EBITDA, in a quick and orderly fashion on my investment names. My usual process would take me an hour or two, with Titan it is in minutes. Their Ai Investment and Trading scores have proven to be a useful metric in supporting my own investment thoughts.”

– GG, Investment Advisor