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Incredible Power.
Incredibly simple.

Iconic AI. Advanced data science.
We are investing redefined.

Welcome to the Art of Analysis™

Nine Dynamics delivers speed-of-the-art performance, and truly effortless investment insight,
through revolutionary data science and world-class AI.

Titan makes big things happen. All day long.

Introducing Titan

The beauty behind the beast

TITAN is a world-class interactive investment analysis application that enhances in-depth research, idea screening and decision support for individual and institutional investors alike. TITAN is beautifully simple, yet powerful investment analytics platform.

TITAN is so powerfully simple, you will disappear into the experience. So intelligent, it will become your trusted partner. Investment insight so vivid, it leaves you speechless.

TITAN is the new standard for modern day investment analysis.

Say hello to the future of investing.

Titan Benefits

Artificial Intelligence.
The ultimate decision-support tool, from overall market, sector and sub-sector health, to market timing at the individual security level.

Consensus Driven Data.
Powered by Factset's world-renowned analyst consensus data, TITAN offers truly remarkable, eye-opening insights to help you make bold investing decisions.

Discover Hidden Opportunities.
Stunning data visualizations, brilliant data science and AI quickly guide you to potential investment opportunities. TITAN takes power and performance, to a whole new level.

Unbeatable Value.
TITAN is competitively priced for both institutional and individual investors. We’re levelling the investment playing field. TITAN is effortless investment insight... for everyone.

Titan Features

Interactive and Intuitive.
Stunning interactive interface delivers effortless, eye-opening insight.

User Mobility.
Best-in-class cloud infrastructure keep users secure, mobile and on-the-go. The ultimate freedom for today’s modern professional.

Stunning Visuals.
Bespoke, modern visualization technology accelerates your time from data-to-decision.

Rapidly Expanding Coverage.
TITAN currently covers 3800 securities in the North American market, with rapid expansion to new markets and securities, and ETF’s coming soon.

Transformative Insights. Democratized Intelligence.

"At Nine Dynamics, our founding, singular vision was to create a tool that was as powerful and functional, as it is beautiful and intuitive. Titan is a stunning realization of that ideal. All the elements that define the modern investment landscape, have been rethought and reengineered.

Titan includes the most advanced, most brilliant data-science ever built for investors. It’s filled with leading-edge cloud technologies that take power and performance to a whole new level. Yet it’s still so beautifully simple.

We always knew there was a better way to turn data into action. Insight into decisions.

With Titan, you have the power and performance for revolutionary investing."

- Jeff Sears, CEO & Founder