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Tailored for and Crafted by Investment Professionals

"Our founding, singular vision was to create a tool as powerful and functional, as it is beautiful and intuitive.

TITAN is a stunning realization of this vision.”

Bird's Eye

Market and Sector Level Artificial Intelligence

TITAN's Artificial Intelligence is a state-of-the-art decision support engine that creates insightful visualizations from the Market level all the way down to the individual security level.

At the Market, Sector, and Sub-Sector level TITAN allows you to visualize overall health levels; find areas of opportunity; and see the first signs of danger easily.

Security Level Artificial Intelligence

At the individual security level TITAN can help with decision support and timing with simple visual indicators.

TITAN doesn't drive for you but is the ultimate navigator.

Consensus Driven

TITAN utilizes and visualizes industry leading consensus data from Factset Research systems.

Powerful visualizations of Cash-flow-per-share, earnings-per-share, price-to-earnings, target price, etc. shown to you in selectable historical time periods. You've never been able to produce these kind of visual insights so quickly before TITAN.

Titan presents forward looking data in a rolling weighting. We've considered the analytics for you so you don't have to.

TITAN allows you to do hours of fundamental analysis in minutes and arrive at insights quickly due to the visual representation of the data.

Discover Hidden Opportunities

We've reimagined modern investment analysis, by combining best-in class cloud technologies to deliver stunning visuals and unbeatable insight, in a few clicks.

TITAN delivers high-caliber, easy-to-understand visualizations never accessible before in the financial sector, and truly is a paradigm shift for modern-day financial analysis.

These visuals highlight areas of opportunity you may never have known existed; create different pathways to find them; generate new ideas. TITAN shines a light on it all

TITAN is powerfully simple so that the user disappears into the experience. So intelligent that it becomes your trusted partner.

Many that have experienced TITAN for the first time are left speechless.

Unbeatable Value for Investors

Market and Sector Level Artificial Intelligence

TITAN is competitively priced for both institutional and individual investors. We've made it affordable and accessible to everyone, without sacrificing data quality or functionality. We're delivering effortless investment insight… for everyone.

Interactive and Intuitive

TITAN's easy-to-use interactive interface delivers effortless, eye-opening insight.

TITAN's best-in-class cloud infrastructure keep users secure, mobile and on-the-go. Ultimate freedom for the modern professional.


TITAN currently covers 3800 securities in the North American market, with rapid expansion to new markets and securities soon.


Accelerate your investing with TITAN’s world-class visuals.Visuals meant to bring quick insight.

Save time on your next report or presentation, by using snapshots of TITAN.

We’re confident you will love TITAN the first time you lay your eyes on her. A free 14-day trial of TITAN is available to all users. We hope to see you soon.